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Recently there has been some discussion on whether children should be in church or in Sunday School during the Divine Liturgy. Should children be in church? The answer lies in how we view the church and what role we want the church to have in the lives of our children today and in the future.

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My brother is two years my senior; and as kids we were fiercely competitive.  I remember one day my brother and I were playing croquet in the backyard.  He was winning, and rubbing my face in it.  I was so mad when I lost the game I threw my croquet mallet (in no particular direction).  Well, the second I let go of the mallet I realized there  was a serious problem with the trajectory of the throw. 

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Star Gazing in Palos Heights

We have all seen horoscopes in the newspapers and heard advertisements for ‘personal star chart preparation’ or ‘personal (‘certified’), astrologers.  Should we as Christians give any merit to the teachings of astrology?  What is the position of the church?  Are astrology and Christianity compatible with one another?  On Thursday night January 18, 1996 a group of our faithful gathered together for a Bible Study on astrology at Sts. Joachim and Anne Armenian Apostolic Church to address just these issues.  During the evening a number of interesting points were made. 

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