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Post 13 September 2015 In Blog

Perhaps you saw the news clip of him as he walked into church smiling and waving, and clutching his Bible.  I watched with mixed emotions; angry at his deceit, and hopeful his entrance into church was sincere and not merely a facade.  I find it hard to trust him. 

We have all heard the many accusations against President Clinton.  We have seen his outwardly apologetic demeanor. We have felt a collective distrust and frustration.  And so we talk to our family and friends and share our emotions and our opinions and wonder, “will he be impeached?”.

Post 13 September 2015 In Blog

Time, Newsweek and US News and World Report ran cover stories in their April issues questioning the validity of the biblical account of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  A portion of the articles dealt with the historicity of the resurrection.  The questions raised by the articles regarding the resurrection merit examination since the issue of the resurrection holds a central place in the theology of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Post 13 September 2015 In Blog

With the arrival of the year 2000 we look forward with renewed anticipation to the return of our Lord.  Perhaps this year he will arrive!  As the time for his return draws nearer by the minute, and as we look toward making resolutions for the coming year, this is an appropriate time to look at our prayer lives.  For it is through ongoing prayer that we relate to our Redeemer; and it is through our Redeemer that we attain salvation.

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