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Sometimes the simplest questions can be the hardest to answer.  Where are you?  Where are you going?

Lent is a time to approach these questions from a spiritual angle.

Where are you?

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Once there was a man who had a beautiful new car.   The owners manual assured the driver that his car would serve him faithfully for years if he would treat it properly. Despite the assurance of having a sound car for years, the man mistreated his vehicle. He “peeled out”when the light turned green, he raced, he stopped short.   He didn’t change the fluids regularly, and never got a tune up.  

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About five years ago Tirouhe and I decided to get our boys a couple of bunnies for Easter. While in the pet store I asked the salesman for two same-sex bunnies (knowing their reputation). I was assured that we were purchasing two male bunnies. We gave the bunnies to the boys and together we built a nice rabbit hutch. One year and fifteen bunnies later, we realized that salesman had been in error. After giving away seven bunnies, we still had eight left, and built an additional rabbit hutch.

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